Civilian Review Board Complaints Against The Police Discussion

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5.1 Discussion

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The purpose of this discussion is NOT to abdicate complete police authority but to supplement it.

Discuss if civilian review boards are a blessing or curse? Aren’t the police supposed to be a extension of the community? Should there be some type of civilian/police oversight examining officers use of force and police departments use of force policies? Why or why not? Defend your position.

You must reference the source of your reply. Failure to provide supporting documentation/references will result in a loss of 10 points.

You must identify the source of your information for your reply, for example chapter x, pages xx or from an article or internet source. Failure to cite your reference will result in a loss of 10 points.

You must first reply to the question before you can respond to your classmates. You cannot reply to a discussion after the due date.…

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