prepare a responsive design document that will be 2 3 pages in length

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Bob’s Small Time Grocery has agreed to additional pages based on your persona research. Taking the permission for additional content to extremes, a UX Designer has designed three individual feedback pages for a customer, employee, and vendor. The form on each feedback page sends data to the same source and only differs on source of the form submission (customer, employee, or vendor). As a UI Designer, you question the validity of essentially creating the same form three times with only a minor difference. Also, you believe that supplemental contact information is missing from each feedback page.

For this assignment, you will create a prototype page using Creately and consolidate the three proposed feedback pages into a single page with additional contact information. The contact information must show a map and e-mail address link. Your prototype form must contain the Form Components listed below. The Contact Information Components must be placed to the right side of the form. You will also write a brief design document that explains the consolidated page and the improvements.

NOTE: You may not share or fork your Creately work with another student. You must create the assignment under your own account.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Prepare a responsive design document that will be 2-3 pages in length
  • Use a “12” point font (Arial or Times New Roman)
  • Use single-spaced lines instead of double-spaced
  • Use APA style citations for any references
  • Cite any information referenced from another source
  • Use correct sentence structure and grammar

Design Document Components:

  • Capture a screenshot of the prototype page and paste it into the document.
  • Find the Creately URL to view the page by clicking on the Properties button on the right side and copying the “Link to View Diagram”. Paste the URL below the screenshot.
  • Discuss how the consolidated page reduces maintenance by removing redundancy.
  • Discuss how the extra contact information can help user who wants a different communication path.

Prototype Page Components:

  • Page must use a Chrome browser stencil behind the Form and Contact Information Components

Form Components:

  • Name Textbox with label “Name”
  • E-mail Address Textbox with label “E-mail”
  • Role Dropdown with label “Role”
  • Feedback Textarea with label “Feedback”
  • Submit Button with text “Submit”

Contact Information Components:

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