Unit VI Article Critique Instructions A big piece of provider marketing is managing the referral base, which can be a significant percentage of an organization’s business. From the referring provider’

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Unit VI Article Critique


A big piece of provider marketing is managing the referral base, which can be a significant percentage of an organization’s business. From the referring provider’s perspective, it can be quite frustrating to refer a patient for services where the patient has to wait a long time, where communication is not sent back to them in a timely manner, or where there is confusion about the referral process itself. It is not always the marketing leader’s job to improve processes, but they are certainly stakeholders in the process given how much the process impacts the satisfaction of those providers referring in.

After reading Improving Healthcare Referral System Using Lean Six Sigma, write an article critique that accomplishes the following tasks.

  • Begin by briefly summarizing the premise of the article and its relation to this unit’s concepts.
  • Explain how the Lean Six Sigma process helps the marketing team.
  • The patient referral request process for the hospital (Figure 2) includes multiple process steps. Briefly analyze the risk of communication breakdowns between the various steps.
  • In reviewing the fishbone diagram of reasons for delayed physician response (Figure 4), which reason do you believe is most impactful, and why?
  • From a marketing perspective, how would you share with referring providers the improvements they can expect between the two value stream maps (Figures 6 and 7). Remember, marketing is not necessarily sharing all the details, but rather the difference in experience for them.
  • Compare and contrast health care marketing to non-healthcare marketing from the viewpoint of physician engagement.

Your article critique must be a minimum of two pages. The title and reference pages do not count toward the page requirement.

Unit VI Article Critique Instructions A big piece of provider marketing is managing the referral base, which can be a significant percentage of an organization’s business. From the referring provider’
1 Concerning Coffee Consumption Student Name Columbia Southern University Course Name Instructor Name Date ARTICLE CRITIQUE EXAMPLE ARTICLE CRITIQUE SECTIONS There are typically four s ections of the article review: I ntroduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion. Be sure to review your syllabus’s instructions for any additional requirements. Introduction The introduction should introduce the article by providing the reader with the article title and the author name. It will also give some details about what you will be talking about in the subsequent paragraphs. Summary The summary follows the introduction and presents the main points of the article. The summary provides reader s with an overview of the article, which will help them understand your analysis. Only include information that is relevant to your analysis. Analysis After the summary comes the analysis. This is where you analyze the article for the reader. This is your chance to give your opinion on the article’s content. Conclusion The conclusion is last. This is where you make any final points and draw your conclusion about the information presented in the article. Your references will follow on the next page – remem ber to always start them on a fresh page. For further information regarding these sections and helpful tips on how to write your article critique , please view the Article Critiq ues tutorial. APA 7 th edition allows for a variety of different font choices for papers. Options include Times New Roman (size 12), Calibri (size 11), Arial (size 11), Lucida Sans Unicode (size 10), and Georgia (size 11). This example paper is written in Times New Roman, size 12. The same font and font size should be used throughout the entire paper. 2 Concerning Coffee Consumption “Coffee… the Effects are as Good as the Aroma,” written by Edward H. Nessel (2012), asserts that coffee is both delicious and provides a myriad of health benefits in e very cup. However, while Nessel (2012) acknowledges that coffee should not be consumed in excess, he does not discuss the potential ha zards that are posed to regular coffee drinkers, focusing instead almost exclusively on the positive. An opposing study by Ja Young Jung (2013) of Seoul Venture University posits that the potential negative side effects of habitual coffee consumption are often ignored due to the popularity of the drink and the conflicting information provided to the consumers. Summary According to Nessel’s (2012) research, c offee is packed with unexpected health benefits. Polyphenols, one of the coffee bean’s many components, are the primary cause of these amazing effe cts due to their key ingredient: C hlorogenic acid (Nessel, 2012). This acid is known to both reduce chronic inflammation and act as a mental stimulant. “Regular coffee con sumption… lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 67 percent” (Nessel, 2012, p. 6) because certain enzyme activities that increase blood sugar are blocked by the chlorogenic acid. This same acid also strengthens and protects DNA from potenti al damage, theoretically lowering the risks for a variety of different cancers (Nessel, 2012). Nessel (2012) believes that Americans in general should be made aware of these health benefits, as well as the type of coffee that they should be drinking; “gree n beans,” for example, are packed with polyphenols and should be favored over their more popular roasted counterparts, since the all -important polyphenols can be reduced or even destroyed by roasting. Article critique introductions need to include the name of the article and its author. The Summary section should provide an overview of the information that will be analyzed in the Analysis portion of the critique. Use these guiding questions to help structure your Summary : What was this article about? Why was this article written? Who is the target audience for this article? What is the author’s opinion on this topic? What is the author’s main argument? The introduction is the only section that does not receive its own level heading. It follows immediately after your title, which is boldfaced. 3 Analysis While Nessel’s (2012) arguments for coffee consumption are convincing, there are a number of other studies that show coffee can have just as many negative effects as positive. Jung’s (2013) study, for example, finds that caffeine leads to “dependency, withdrawal symptoms… and… both psychological and physical symptoms of addiction” (p.155). Additionally, while Nessel (2012) states that the polypheno ls present in coffee can help to prevent cancer, Jung (2013) finds that the equally present caffeine can negatively affect the reactions of cellular tissues exposed to carcinogens. Nessel’s (2012) argument for the consumption of coffee almost completely hi nges on the coffee consumed being of the correct type (the aforementioned green beans); otherwise, the health benefits that he enumerates can be considered null due to the process of roasting and a general preference to add sugar, cream, and other flavorin gs to the beverages. Jung (2013) takes these factors, as well as the other chemical components of the coffee bean, into consideration for his study, producing more reliable results. Conclusion Edward Nessel’s (2012) article is enlightening and filled with positive support for his argument, but does not include enough information about the potential downfalls of the drink. This article would benefit from further research into these possible health risk s of drinking coffee and providing, where possible, counters against these. However, the data provided regarding the benefits polyphenols have been shown to have in diabetics and patients at risk for cancer is extremely convincing, and obviously well -resea rched. The compilation of this important information about coffee and polyphenols into a single article is almost certainly beneficial to those studying this subject. The Analysis section should evaluate the author’s arguments and convey your opinion on the topic to the reader . Keep in mind that you are not limited to one paragraph per section. If you have several different issues to analyze, be sure to use multiple paragraphs to b etter organize your information. Use these guiding questions to help structure your Analysis : Is the information comparable with other current research? What are the strong points? The weak points? Has the author used reliable sources and facts? Were the arguments convincing to you? Why or why not? Provide at least one other source to evaluate your article against. Be sure to use peer -reviewed, scholarly sources. The Conclusion is where you will assert your final opinion of the article and include any recommendations for improvement. Use these guiding questions to help structure your Conclusion : What improvements could be made to the article and its arguments? Is the information in the article useful? Were the arguments effective? Do you think that the author has made a significant contribution to their field with this article? 4 References Jung, J. Y. (2013). Effect of negative awareness of coffee on its preference and recommendation intention. Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 19 (3), 153 -174. Nessel, E. H. (2012). Coffee… the effects are as good as the aroma. AMAA Journal, 25 (3), 5 -8. The word “References” should be centered at the top of the last page, boldfaced. If you ha ve an y ques tion s about your references page, refer to the APA Citation Guid e.
Unit VI Article Critique Instructions A big piece of provider marketing is managing the referral base, which can be a significant percentage of an organization’s business. From the referring provider’
Unit III Project: Community Health Needs Assessment Place the Name of the Organization you Selected Here Place your name here Columbia Southern University HCA 3310: Health Care Marketing Prof. Jose Santos-Romeu August 23, 2022 Unit III Project: Community Health Assessment Place the Name of the Organization you Selected Here Introduction In 3 or 4 sentences introduce your organization. Area of Opportunity The area of opportunity identified is… Explain the are of opportunity. Based on the assigned readings why is this an area of opportunity, you need to cite. Shared Data Explain what data was shared that supported this opportunity. Based on the assigned readings why is this data important to support the opportunity? You need to cite. Idea Explain the idea you have to address this opportunity. Read the textbook so you understand the context of this question. Frame your idea using the readings, you need to cite. Final Marketing Proposal Research Specific Areas and Impact on Proposal Write one paragraph. Here is the content of the paragraph. Explain what research you would need to do. Write a sentence about each research area and why you chose it (a minimum of four specific areas). Explain how each of these research areas would impact your final proposal on how to address this opportunity. You need to cite. Write a second paragraph. Write 3 -4 sentences communicating what would be the most difficult part of obtaining this research data. Write 3 – 4 sentences reflecting on the impact of the research you identified, what is the risk to this area of opportunity if you made a plan without doing the necessary research. You need to cite. References Your first reference will be the unit lesson and it must be formatted in APA 7th ed format (Delete after reading this. Remember that References must have their own page.) Columbia Southern University. (n.d.). Course HCA 3310: Health Care Marketing, Unit III Study Guide – Market Research. Columbia Southern University. (Do not write the https because it is too long. Delete after reading). Your second reference will be the course textbook.(Delete after reading this.) Kotler, P., Shalowitz, J. I., & Stevens, R. J. (2020). Strategic Marketing For Health Care Organizations (2nd Edition). Wiley Professional Development (P&T). https://online.vitalsource.com/books/9781118448410 You need to list the website of the organization you selected in alphabetical order. Here is the format: Name of the Organization. (n.d. if no date). Name of the website. Name of the Organization again. Retrieved August __, 2022, from https://


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