Topic3 DQ2 respond to Erick Moreno

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A nursing conceptual model is the early stage of theory development, it represents the abstract or general work that guides research and practice. Nursing theory is used to describe, explain, predict, and understand a specific phenomenon (Thompson, C.J. 2017).

At this point of my career, the A A CN Synergy Model for Patient care would be something I use frequently. The Synergy Model aligns patient needs with nurse competencies. “ The central idea of the model is that a patient’s needs drive the nurse competencies required for patient care. When the competencies of the nurse and the patient’s needs match, synergy occurs, this synergy enables optimal outcomes” ( Hardin,S , Kaplow,R , 2017).

I used this model daily in my present role not only as a House Supervisor, but also the manager of the float pool. Assigning patients to anyone of the department’s requires me to know what the present skill’s mix is on the unit that is receiving the patient. As for the Float Pool aspect of it, I have made up a spread sheet of the nurses’ competencies, certification’s, and previous areas of expertise. This aide helps the other house supervisors in the department to staff the units in need with the best qualified nurse or nurses for that shift . There are many days when the float pool are the nurses with the most experience on the unit they are working, they could function in the Charge nurse role, do CRRT, or IABP’s. Both role’s I presently function in help our hospital with this synergy and optimize our patient outcomes.

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