Topic 9 – Create Policy Brochure

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Topic 9 Assignment: Policy Brochure

Imagine that you are the director of patient experience at a large outpatient care facility. Choose one new federal or state policy that affects your patients. Design a brochure for for your waiting room that explains the specifics of this change and how it will affect patients. Since this brochure is for patients, it should be written at about an 8th grade reading level. Be creative and use graphics and formatting to present your information n an appealing way.

You may use formatting, graphics, and Word templates to design your brochure. Alternatively, you may choose to use an online infographic creation tool such as Piktochart–just ensure that you have a way to upload the file or the link to your brochure to the dropbox.

Formatting Specifics/General Information:

  • The brochure must fill both sides of a standard 8” x 11” sheet of paper.
  • Set your brochure up in either the portrait or landscape format – either page layout orientation will be able to provide facts on the front and back sides of the paper.
  • NOTE: The landscape orientation can be folded into a 3-panel brochure.
  • Name your fact sheet or brochure specific to the new federal or state health policy.
  • Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Use font no smaller than 10 pt.
  • You may use a brochure template, provided it can be opened in Microsoft word or as a PDF file.
  • Remember that this brochure is for patients! It should be addressed to and written with them in mind.

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