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Trait Theory (Gordon Allport, 1935.) Assumes that certain traits are inborn, linked to certain behavior patterns and have behavior patterns that are proven to be consistent in several situations. while the Contingency Leadership Theory (Fred Fielder, 1960.) assumes that the leaders’ success is contingent upon external factors surrounding situations that allow the leader to adapt leadership styles to various situations.

The strengths of the Trait Theory is that with the right situation, environment and staffing the leader can increase siuational outcomes and the weakness may be that although behavior patterns and traits allow for self success those traits may not have the ability to influence others and their abilitys to function in that same capacity.

The strength of the Contingency Leadership Theory is that if they have the ability to build trusting relationships and effectively communicated with staff the factors such as staffing, employee morale, and positive patient outcomes will be successful under their leadership while ineffective communication and the inability to foster positive relationships can have a negative outcome in an identical situation.

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