Tim O’Brien’s short story , English Literature help

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In a three to four page paper, respond to Tim O’Brien’s short story (see attached pdf file), The Things They Carried,” by presenting your overall thoughts, feelings, feelings, ideas, or reflection.

– Respond to the story based off of your life experiences 

– What you think and Why?

In the introductory paragraph, capture the readers attention by presenting a thoughtful response to the short story.  incorporate a thesis statement (make it underlined), that demonstrates the essence of your essay.

  The body paragraphs should encompass a thoughtful response to O’briens work Carefully choose the topic sentences, fully develop the ideas in each paragraph, and incorporate smooth transitions from sentence to sentence

  Furnish a conclusion, the last paragraph of the essay, to present a concluding point, or restate and reaffirm the ideas.

***Do not Plagarize***

***Do not use outside research or retell the story***


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