Thesis Paper on The Book: “The Way of The Knife.” By “Mark Mazzetti.” (MLA Format) (750 Words)(Due July 7, 2019)

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1: Thesis Paper on The Book: “The Way of The Knife.” (MLA Format) (750 Words)(Due July 7, 2019)

2: The Book I am Reading is: “The Way of The Knife”: The CIA, A SECRET ARMY, AND A WAR AT THE ENDS OF THE EARTH “By Mark Mazzetti.”

  • Response papers: The response papers will be short 1-2 page papers analyzing one common reading and the self-selected one (see below). These are not book reports (so plot spoilers are OK), but the papers should demonstrate close reading, comprehension, and engagement. They are what could be called “thesis” papers, because you formulate a thesis that you defend using specific examples and quotations cited from the text (citations would include the page number(s)). No external sources are permitted. These papers are strictly in “response” to the particular books on which you write them. Exceptions to this must be approved in advance by your instructor. (750 words)

Here’s the cover of the book!

The Way of the Knife by Mark Mazzetti

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