Thesis about Jane Austen And Artist Edvard Munch

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create a thesis that strongly links the two lives and their work together and build/develop/focus your

paper around that. similarities between no commitment, or marriage between the two .

Final Note: I do not want a general biography of your literary artist and visual artist or

paper that discusses a topic in general terms. I expect a critical analysis, done by you, of

your thesis and the life and work of your literary artist and visual artist.


4-5 pages

Remember: What you write about in the paper must be specifically introduced in your

introductory paragraph/thesis statement. Also, each paragraph should be very well

developed and keep a focus that is tightly connected to your introduction/thesis


APA Style is a requirement. The entire paper must be in APA Style.

4 in-text citations are required. This means that you will need a reference page.

The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and use a 12 point font.

Research, analysis, a specific introduction/thesis statement, focus, organization of ideas,

content, the rules of grammar, and the use of APA Style will be considered during the

grading of this paper.

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