Theories and Concepts to Help Understand Budgeting and Finance, social science homework help

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A brief description of a government or non-profit organization with which you are familiar within your state or nation. Then, explain how you might apply at least two basic finance and/or budgeting concepts or theories to the organization. Be sure to provide brief descriptions of each concept or theory and specific examples of how you might apply them.

Be sure to support your posting and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources using APA formatting.

Note: Throughout the course, you apply concepts, theories, and principles of finance and budgeting to an organization with which you are familiar. This could be a government or non-profit organization for which you currently work or have worked, know about from others, or have learned about through academic resources and/or the media.

You may use this and any other  relevant resources for your work.


  • Mikesell, J. L. (2014). Fiscal administration: Analysis and applications for the public sector (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth.
    • Preface (pp. vii–ix)
    • Chapter 1, “Fundamental Principles of Public Finance” (pp. 1–34)
    • Chapter 3, “Federal Budget Structures and Institutions” (pp. 90–143)
    • Chapter 4, “State and Local Budgets” (pp. 152–173)
  • Becker-Medina, E. (2013). Annual survey of public pensions: State- and locally-administered defined benefit data summary report: 2011. Retrieved
  • Chantrill, C. (2014). Government spending in the US. Retrieved from
  • Document: Final Project Guidelines (PDF)


  • Laureate Education (Producer). (2008c). Introduction to finance and budget administration [Video file]. Retrieved from

    Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 8 minutes.

Optional Resources

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