The way leaders differ in communication with managers, writing homework help

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Leadership is a quality that not all posses: In the readings it discusses that some are born to be leaders whereas other are born to be followers. (Lecture 1, 2015).

Leadership is a challenging term to define, it encompasses many things traits and skills. Not all leaders have formal authority but they do each in their own ways and styles have the ability to influence others, motivate others and inspire critical thinking. Leaders show others how to think more critically, how to use reasoning by demonstrating empathy, expertise and communicating with others. They are visible, flexible and establish trust with staff. They are our advocates for change and ways to improve current process, they set an example and most of all are innovative and creative individuals. (Huber, 2014. p.23). A good leader is someone who empowers someone else to be better and achieve more without force or cohersion.

Management differs in regards to the fact that decisions are often made in order to optimize care, others are not always involved in those decisions. They are motivators to others, but they are not as visible and not as involved in managing changes or communicating the necessary reasoning behind change.They are not as apt to coach others one on one, or as apt to encourage others to think critically or see their promise and potential. They are not as nuturing in some cases, not all. It is dependent on the individual and the circumstances. I am not saying all management is laissez faire, im just stating some are better at inspiring than others.

The overlap in these two management styles, include the areas of decision making, communication with followers, motivation and exercising broad perspectives. (Huber, 2014.p.23). These goals overlap and are beneficial to us as leaders in nursing. The overlaps allows us to bring positive change to others, by involving others in decision making that affects everyone, especially those on the front lines. Communication allows others to feel part of the decision, rather than an innocent bystander who just follows the rules. They have the inate ability to motivate others and by involving others we gain the perspective of everyone, not just those most influenced.

I believe that I can influence change as a result of this overlap, it will allow me to reach staff, to discuss concerns, determine individual perspectives and include others in the change, rather than just dictating what is going to occur. I want to motivate others to see their potential, build upon their unique strengths and empower them to be great!

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