The topic i have chosen is adhd please keep them all in the parts that i have thank you https://www.mediafire

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The topic i have chosen is adhd  please keep them all in the parts that i have thank you

Part A

Think about Logical Statements.

Using the Topic that you would like to study, write 5 or 6 logical statements that might lend themselves to further development of a problem statement.

Part b

Review the power point on problem statements.

Please answer the following questions:

Who specifically are you writing to? (Target Audience)

Why are you addressing this audience?

Does this audience share the same attitude as you do towards this problem?

Why should your audience care about this problem?

Part C

Review your topic and problem statements and start drafting questions that combine the two.

Ask yourself what do you want to know?

Are your questions narrow, focused, subjective and/or complex?

Please write at least 4 research questions relative to your topic/problem statement.

Upon completion of this assignment you will share these questions in discussion board to gain outside perspective and suggestion for edits and further clarity.

Part D

In Canvas submit your Research Topic, Problem Statement, and 1 Main Research Question. This should be in APA format to include a cover page, and reference page.

In about three paragraphs, and no more than 750 words please answer the following:


State your Topic Selection (what will your project will be about?)

Define your topic (what does it mean?)

Describe how your topic is relates to your discipline (is your topic known in your field?)

Problem Statement

Recall our lecture on problem statements, then using one of the templates, explain what the problem is with your topic. Specifically highlight what it is that you would like to find out more of?

Research Method and Research Question

Recall our in class assignment on research and how to write research questions. Please then state what type of research (Qualitative or Quantitative) you will be studying. Define this method, and then please list the main research question of your project that your study will seek to answer.

Please find 1 reference that supports your topic.

Please do not use first person (I, we, me, my) statements.

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