The Socipathic behavior in the corporare world

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    • Research paper should be submitted on or before FEBRUARY 10, at 10:00pm

    You will be expected to complete a research paper and submit it for the class according to the syllabus.

    • The paper assignment should include the following structure and it must comply with APA written standards: Title page (1), Abstract (1), Content pages (5), Conclusion (1), and References (1). Therefore, there must be a minimum of nine (9) pages per project.
    • For more detailed information please, go to the following link:
    • Only academic sources will be accepted, which means no Googles or Wikipedia.
    • By copying and pasting information to complete any assignment during the class such as Research papers, or Discussion Forums would not be tolerated. Therefore, your grade will be “0” grade.

    The structure should include the following: All work must comply with APA written standards:1-Title page (1)2-Abstract (1), The abstract must have at least i paragraph with no less than 6 lines.3-Content pages (5),4-Conclusion (1), Should be your own analysis of your findings.
    5-References (1). Therefore, there must be a minimum of 9 pages per project. In addition, you can utilize the services from the Writing Lab at the Hialeah campus and Online with Professor Ileana Torres.

    • Please, make the necessary arrangements to get the help and support you may need in writing and editing your Research Paper assignment before you submit it to Turnitin. Prof. Ileana Torres can be reached at:
    • All work must be turned in by the due date. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero (0) for that assignment.
    • Use APA citation style in the body of your paper so I know where the information came from (like your text does). This is the (Author, date) you see in your text. It gives credit to original author’s research and are alphabetized by the author’s last name.
    • Your research will be your own research and writing. No copying or pasting information!!!
    • The research paper will account for 20% of your grade.
    • Late papers will not be accepted.

    I will provide you the topic on the second week of class. Dr. H. Nunez

  • Web Link

    FNU Database link.

    Hello, everyoneThis is the FNU Database link to properly access and submit your professional psychology journals (3) as a requirement for the Research paper on the Reference page.

    • Click on the link above to go to the FNU database link.
    • The Access code is 24439.
    • Scroll down and search for the Education TAB.
    • Then, click on Psychology Journals to use: Proquest Search Engine.
    • For the topic assigned to you.
  • Item

    Research paper aspects to be developed on the assignment

    Hello everyone,Research Paper Project Given to you for General Psychology. These are some of the aspects you may utilize as a guide: This is only a general guide in case you don’t know how to start a literature research. It varies according to the theme. In your own words. No copy and paste as I will not accept it and it is penalized as plagiarism.

    • The tittle applied to psychology and your field of study.
    • When that word or terminology was coined?
    • Why the name of the disorder / concept or definition.
    • Criteria to be followed in order to be diagnosed with this specific disorder according to the DSM-5 Edition.
    • History
    • Scholars or theorist related to that topic
    • Causes
    • Symptoms
    • Different types
    • Preventions
    • Treatment plans for short-term goals and long-term goals
    • Tips or suggestions on how to overcome the disorder
    • Parenting skills to help the individuals
    • How it apply to your field
    • Controversies around that topic

    Evidence-based therapies for specific disorder

    You will be expected to complete a Research Paper and submit it for the class:

    • The paper must be 5 pages in content using APA style. The research paper will account for 20% of your grade and it must include the following aspects:
      – Title page (1) or Presentation page must include below the Title –
      • University –
      • Class –
      • Instructor, with credentials
      • Term –
      • Your name
      • Next page – Abstract page (1) Is a paragraph ( at least 8 lines)
      • – Content pages (5)
        – Conclusion page (1) Is what you find after doing the literature research and your personal opinions.
        – Reference page (1). Make sure is written using the name of the journals, books or any proper reference.

        In addition, it must be typed using APA style, and Times New Roman, and font 12. 1.5 space.
        – Research findings from a Database to support your information.
        – It includes at least three (3) academic/scholarly journals (Primary Sources) from journals in Psychology.

    Dr. H. Nunez

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