The Relationship between Employers and Employees

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The research paper is about how to improve the relationship between employees and employers. I am an international student so please the english level simple. You will need to use the sources in the annotated bibliography and the others. You can use this paragraph to explain how technology can impact the relationship between employees and employers:

The technological determinism is about how the technology has an impact on our society in economic and cultural level. The technological innovations have changed the society by allowing people to be connected, faster, and more effective. Unfortunately, it also changed culture values. The technological innovations caused the loss of many cultural values. For example, the creation of social media allowed to interact with people anywhere but we lost the face-to-face interaction. Despite the fact that with the technology so many cultural losses happened, it allows us to communicate faster and to save so much time; it brought us together through the social media, but at the same time isolate some by losing the face-to-face interaction. In the first reading, Robert Heilbroner, Explain how the technology is important in an economic perspective and that the changement from feudalism to capitalism was connected to the rise of the technology. It affects a certain part of the human behavior which has consequences on the economy. In conclusion, the technology improvements play a big role in the culture.

Research question:

The topic chosen for the annotated is the relationship between employers and employees.

I learned that by having a good term relationship, the most likely have more work done.

I still need to learn how to improve the relationship between the relationship between employers and employees (professional relationship)

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