The racist strategies of donald trump to solidify his base/ for political gains

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This will be a continuation of the attached word document which is chapter one of my research assigment. please go off of the information on that document. ( if more than 3 full pages are written, a high tip will be added.) APA FORMAT refrence and cover page is not included in page numbers.

In this chapter, you describe and evaluate the relevant research that has been done
on your problem. You must first identify what is the most important published
research already done on your problem, that is, the most significant articles and
books. You should at least have for each piece of work used:

the purpose of the

the theoretical framework used,

the major concepts utilized,

the research
method employed and the key findings and conclusions presented

Did you find
general agreement among researchers about this problem or is there disagreement
or controversy? Why? What are the main issues or unanswered questions

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