The project is progressing well, and you have now been asked if there is enough time and budget.

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4 – 5 pages

Costing the Project

The project is progressing well, and you have now been asked if there
is enough time and budget to create and distribute a new marketing
mailing. This mailing will be focused on a new international
marketplace, so the existing materials cannot be used as is. The
materials will need to be translated (external resource), have different
graphics applied, and use different colors. The cost for mailing
internationally is twice the cost of the domestic mailing, and the
volume is 200,000–250,000 addresses. A mailing list will be purchased
for this mailing because it is a new market for the company.

You need to determine the costs of this mailing (internal and
external). You also need to determine the resource requirements and
identify any conflicts. Jennifer and you have a working session later
this week to pull together the information.

  • In preparation for the meeting, create a worksheet (in Excel or
    another spreadsheet tool) that you can use to create the budget for the
    new mailing.
  • Pre populate the worksheet with the components of the estimate,
    and provide directions to Jennifer in a procedures document (in Word)
    on how to create a three-point estimate for the resulting budget.
  • Be sure to also include the internal costs.
  • Also, create a schedule that identifies the deliverables, activities, and resources to produce this mailing.
  • Using the project schedule you created as a group, identify the
    resources you will use and what conflicts that may form (in Word).
  • Justify your choices.

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