The primary stock markets in Saudi Arabia.

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Your report is expected to be between 7 to maximum 10 typed pages written in a scientific way. At minimum, it should include the following:

  • Table of Content.
  • Literature Review about the subject.
  • Data Source and Methodology.
  • Results and Conclusions.
  • References.

Guidelines :

– should determine how to approach the specific of the analysis. . The use of references is a must.

– Do not do financial ratios, no need for financial comparison

– Detail the data source in what since, who are the key players.

– Primary stock market where securities are created, so the research should be on this topic

– Decribe regulator roles for primary and secondary markets.

– who are the key player as underwriters in this primary market, such as advisory and accounting firms in addition to investment banks

– what is the process of underwriting ? how many firms involved or authorized to do it-

– Detail your methodolgy : the development of primary market in KSA using statiscal model.

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