The Importance of Peer Review

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Since we will be participating in a Peer Review Workshop this week, I want us to think and write about the process. Peer review is super important for writers. Writing is truly a process, and it can always be revised and improved. Peer review, then, gives you the opportunity to help each other in become better writers! The videos below give you a little bit of information on why and how the peer review process is helpful.

Step 1: View the following Videos

Peer Review: What is Peer Review

Peer Review: Commenting Strategies

No One Writes Alone: Peer Review in the Classroom

Step 2: Respond to the following prompt in 300-400 words

How will you use this information to review your partner’s paper this week? What new things did you learn and are excited to try? What will parts of the review will challenge you the most? Do you have any further concerns about the process?

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