The ethical DNA of healthcare organizations

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Write in no more than 600 words but no less than 500 words.

  • The ethical DNA of healthcare organizations is to provide health care for those who need. In the U.S., EMTALA, the federal regulation enacted in 1986 is a legal way of ensuring the beneficent commitment of the healthcare institutions. Under EMTALA, the staff at hospital emergency departments are required to screen every patient who seeks emergency care and to stabilize or transfer those with medical emergencies, regardless of health insurance status or ability to pay. However, fully abiding by the law sometimes places the hospital in financial risks. Imagine that you are the CEO of a not-for-profit-hospital. How would you satisfy the ethical demand of EMPTALA? Note that your ethical decision must be financially sustainable; however, the question is asking about your ethical direction in terms of resource allocation, not the financial and management details.
  • As a future administrator, what kind of culture would you like to create in your institution/department? How could you do this?

3.Draw conclusions about where we need to go in measuring “patient experience.” Assume that budget was not an issue here. Strategize what measure or device you would like to use. Think beyond, “We have always done it this way”.

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