The company I chose is Walmart

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  • For your Unit 4 assignment, imagine that you must prepare a PowerPoint
    presentation to explain your company’s (selected from the above list)
    transportation and warehousing strategy to potential investors and lenders. You
    can research your responses in your textbook, in the Capella library, and on the

    When creating your presentation, include the following information:

    • Slide 1: List the presentation title, the company name, the date, and your
    • Slide 2: Describe the overall transportation objectives of the company.
    • Slide 3: Describe and evaluate the modes of transportation that they use to
      move products from factory to customers.
    • Slide 4: Identify the locations of the factories, and warehouses.
    • Slide 5-6: Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the locations for
      the organization’s factories and warehouses.
    • Slide 7: Analyze the economic and political factors that can impact their
      transportation and warehousing network.
    • Slide 8: Describe how technology is used for managing the organization’s
      transportation and warehousing network.
    • Slide 9: Make recommendations for improving the organization’s
      transportation and warehousing network.
    • Slide 10: List of references using APA format. Include at least three
      resources one of which may be your textbook.

    Use MS PowerPoint to develop a presentation that covers the above elements;
    if necessary, you may use additional slides. Provide your information as a
    bulleted list on the slides and insert explanations where applicable. Use the
    notes section in MS PowerPoint to add additional information and clarity to your

    Provide a minimum of three references (one may be your textbook) that you
    used in formulating your responses. Verify that you have included all of the
    required sections in your presentation. Check for proper use of mechanics and
    apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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