The city of Austin’s decision to file a lawsuit against Travis Central Appraisal District Discussion Board, political science homework help

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For this assignment, you must utilize at least two sourcesfrom any media (web, book, etc.),cite your sources using MLA guidelines at least once in each of the three long paragraphsyou post and place a properly developedworks cited sectionat the end of your post. (This will resemble a mini-paper essentially).Select oneof the following for this assignment:

  1. Review the document located at: related to the legislative preemption of local governmental authority in Texas and its impact on local revenues. Identify a similar measure in recent news and advocate for or against the measure on behalf of either the state or an affected local government. Be sure to use the two resources, specifically, to demonstrate support for your conclusions. 
  2. Review one of the meeting videos of the Bell County Court at: (must be at least 10 minutes long) and the associated agenda and minutes. Discuss any issue related to local government functions, activities, resources, etc. that is represented in the meeting – this could include items such as the importance of transparency in conducting public business, revenue sources, appropriate levels of service. Always consider the impact and benefit to the tax payer as well as the resources/funding available to the local government. List the video in your works cited section, along with the two other works cited resources required (that section will include 2 that you have researched and 1 that I provided for you – 3 total). Use your works cited resources, specifically, to support any conclusions you make throughout. 
  3. Conduct a similar review of a state legislative committee meeting found at: View at least 10 minutes of relevant content from one Senate committee meeting.
  4. You may personally attend a state, county or municipal legislative meeting and provide a similar review as instructed in items 2 & 3.

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