The challenges of water pollution threat to public health flaws of water laws and policies in Pakistan by Aazra Jabeen

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The instructions as well as the paper are attached.

Feedback from instructor:

FIRST DRAFT FEEDBACK: I see some good work here in parts of your document, but more work is needed to improve it. Remember that the final draft needs FOUR sources, not just the two you submitted. Also, each source needs to focus on a study, so there will be a “methodology,” “findings,” etc. You need to tell us what the study was about (how it was conducted, etc.) and what the conclusions of the study were. Right now I’m not sure that these sources are actually based on “studies.” Make sure your final draft includes topic indicators for each section: “Focus,” “Conclusion,” etc. The beginning of your paper should state your topic. Journal titles are missing. I would recommend reviewing the format for this paper. Hope your final draft goes well!

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