The American journey CHAPTER 15 Assignments/Activities

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CHAPTER 15 Assignments/Activities

ATTENTION: Answer the following questions for assignments listed on a Word document and submit them through the assignment Drop Box.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES (IA): 15 Points. A.1-4 (5), B.(5) , C. 1-2 (5),


  1. A. One American Journey, Sullivan Ballou’s Letter, pp 403-405. Answer the following:
  1. The text states that this letter typified sentiments of soldiers in general on both sides of the war.List the three characteristics the text points out.
  2. List a quote that reflects Sullivan Ballou’s commitment to the cause of the war.
  3. Romanticexpressions were common in letters between husbands and wives at this time.Cite two examples.
  4. What impressions do you have about this 19th century example of communication compared to our own technology of communication?
  1. B.Nationalism And Self-Determination in Europe”. After reading this piece list 2-3 elements of European nationalism that compare to the idea of Southern nationalism reflected by creation of the Confederacy.
  1. C. Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address, 1863.
    1. How does Lincoln honor the dead of Gettysburg in his address?
    2. What did the soldiers fight for in his opinion?

D.Figure 15-1. Along with text pp 407-408.In at least one paragraph, summarize the North’s distinct advantages.

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