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Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail – Attached below

Read the article as well as Kotter’s 8 steps to transformation and then complete a case study on an organization that has gone through a transformational change. Your paper must be at least 3-5 pages and you must create a 5-7 minute presentation/discussion that aligns with your paper.

The purpose of the paper is to apply the knowledge and resources obtained throughout the course. Students will utilize content from the textbook, and any additional resources such as scholarly articles, journals, books, videos, etc. to support your research. (Note: Wikipedia is not a scholarly resource). The paper must follow APA guidelines, especially in regards to citing sources. See rubric attached to assignment. The paper and presentation will contain:

  • Title/Cover Page
  • Introduction/Background (relevant intro/background information on the organization you selected that provides a foundation for your paper)
  • Nature of the Transformation (Describe the need for the transformative change and the process that was taken purpose and the nature of the group-include relevant models/theories/concepts from the textbook, articles, other resources)
  • Participants- Who participated in the change? The full organization? A specific team?
  • Facilitation How was the change managed? Was there a facilitator or an outside consultant?
  • Evaluation How did the organization measure success?
    • For the presentation, discuss what you liked about this change management effort and if there are things that you would have done differently.

Reference page

No plagiarism.

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