Summary Response Essay, Analyze Novel

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Essay Prompt: Requirements Follow Careful.

In this essay, you will write a Summary/Response Essay about your True Grit reading.

Part 1: Identification of author and work: This section supplies information about the novel (full title in italics, author’s name, year it was written) in sentence format. Also, any pertinent information about the author or the novel found in your book copy that you would like to include should go here. Finally, include a ‘personal insight’ about the meaning and significance of the novel, in your own words. (Avoid summary in your personal insight.) Remember to use standard sentence structure and punctuation. This is the first paragraph of your paper. There is a three sentence minimum.

Part 2: Summary: This section is a summary of the story. You may use short quotations here to give a flavor of the work. The summary should be one to two paragraphs.

Part 3: Response/Analysis: This section builds upon your personal insight about the story. For example, your insight might be a commentary on Mattie’s growth in the story. (Her determination, her innocence, her adventures, her relationships with Rooster and LaBoeuf are all good aspects of her growth.) This section is the most important part of the essay because it shows you have read the story thoughtfully. This section will be one to two paragraphs. Again, include short quotes from the novel to provide examples in your discussion.

Part 4: Reflection: The reflection is the conclusion of your essay. It should examine ideas or emotions that the text evokes for you. Some relevant ideas might be the Wild West, the American hero or heroine, our characters and their ways of life in the late 1800s, youth and innocence, notions of grit, justice, and any similar ideas on which you might want to reflect. You may connect these ideas to your own experiences or beliefs, if you like. You may use first person point-of-view in this section. This section should be one lengthy paragraph.

Unit Objectives:

1) Write a clear and concise thesis statement.

2) Read and critically analyze the novel, True Grit.

3) Write reflectively and analytically about the novel, True Grit.

4) Format the Summary/Response Essay appropriately using MLA format and document your use of the novel when directly quoting and paraphrasing. 12 font, double space

5) Remember it must be your work; No plagarism, You will submit your essay through TURN IT in software, you will receive a zero for grade if detected.

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