Summary/Reflective Essay

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For this summary/reflective essay, I would like you to apply ideas from this week’s readings and lectures to Vincent van Gogh’s painting Starry Night. The goal is to get you to practice employing appropriate terminology and analyzing the way artists use the formal elements of art to communicate ideas. Specifically, I would like for you to use as much terminology as you can from this week’s readings and lectures when analyzing this painting. Even more specifically, your essay should:

1) Identify the formal elements listed below;

2) Explain the effects they have on you (their “qualities”);

3) Use as much of the terminology listed in Lecture Guide 2 as you can in a manner that shows you understand what these terms mean.

Formal elements:

line types (contour and/or implied) and their qualities/effects

color (warm and/or cool, analogous and/or complimentary, intensity, symbolic and/or local, etc) and their effects

shapes and their effects

space (explain how this painting’s dimensionality is achieved) and its effects

texture and movement, and their effects

For this essay, it is not important what “voice” you use in your essay; you are free to be as formal or informal as you like. I am most interested in your use of the terminology and your ability to assert the effects the formal elements have on you.

Format: around 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1″ margins. Please upload as either a Word .doc or PDF file (any other formats cause problems for Canvas and limit my ability to offer in depth comments).

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