student learning

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Complete the following DQ below 190-210 words each question/post.

1. Use link below to answer questions (190-210 words)…

  1. Which student learning outcome stands out to you the most? Why?
  2. Student learning outcomes affect students in a variety of ways. What do you think is the biggest impact to you and other students? Why?
  3. How does it make you feel to know that your performance has a direct effect on program evaluation and revision?

2.Read Assessment How-To: Develop Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) on the University of Hawai’i-Manoa website and write your thoughts link provided above (190-210 words)…

3. Reply back to post (190-210 words)… In the website Assessment How-To: Develop Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) discussed, how students can demonstrate their mastery of program goals and identify the knowledge, skills, or attitudes that students can demonstrate, represent, or produce upon successful completion of the program. It also discussed about why develop and publish program student learning outcome, it makes graduate’s skills and knowledge clear to employers, accrediting agencies. Also, encourage students to be intentional learners who direct and monitor their own learning and help faculty design courses, curriculum and programs. Some characteristics of program student learning outcomes discussed in the website, to focus on the central abilities of the discipline and incorporate or adapt professional organization’s outcome statements when they exist. Another great point discussed in the website, good outcomes use verbs that describe definite, observable actions and verbs power. Concrete verbs such as “define,” “identity,” or “create” are more helpful for teaching, learning, and assessment than verbs such as “know,” “understand,” or passive verbs such as “be exposed to.” It is very common to try to develop ways of assessing program outcomes that need for refining them becomes apparent. Effective program outcomes are widely accepted and supported by faculty members as mentioned in the website.

4. Reply back to post (190-210 words) Use link to help respond:… ACHE Healthcare Executive 2017 Competencies Assessment Tool that is offered as an instrument for healthcare executives to use in assessing their expertise in critical areas of healthcare management. ACHE updates the assessment annually to continually improve its value. The self-assessment is created to help identify areas of strength and areas that include in personal development plan. The competency self-assessment can be a powerful tool in facilitating feedback about gaps in skills necessary for optimizing performance. Another point discussed in the ACHE Healthcare Executive 2017 Competencies Assessment Tool, healthcare organizational also use this assessment tool and the components of the HLA Competency Directory to better define the requirements of specific roles within the organization. Once it figured out, the organization then can respond with a targeted training and development plan for those roles. Leadership is another topic discussed in the assessment tool, the ability ti inspire individual and organizational excellence, create a shared vision and successfully manage change to attain the organization’s strategic ends and successful performance. Professionalism, the ability to align personal and organizational conduct with ethical and professional standards that include a responsibility to the patient and community, a service orientation, and commitment to lifelong learning and improvement according to the assessment tool.

5. Reply back to post (190-210 words) Use link… to help respond: After reviewing the Healthcare Executive assessment tool, I learned about the different topics I will be learning in my program. I have saved this document and will access it when I need it. I will develop a strong understanding in communication, management, leadership, professionalism and a variety of other areas. I am honestly excited to be able to excel in the healthcare field and become a leader. Page 13 has a general management tool and the topics listed are all things I want to learn and become an expect on. My competency level needs to be at an expert level because that is what I expect from myself. Page 20 has a Quality Improvement table and this is critical in any setting. As a leader, it is important to monitor and improve processes and make sure things are up to date. I am so excited to learn more!

6. Use link:… to help answer the question below: (190-200 words) The American College of Healthcare Executives is an excellent organization that provides quite a bit of information to the healthcare industry executives. The figure below depicts the linkages between the various domains of leadership such as communication and relationship management and how that is related to leadership.

Please study this model (image located on page 2 with the circles ex. Leadership is in the middles) and explain what it means and why this information is relevant to you as a healthcare student.

7.Review the Institute for Outcomes Assessment website. Read the transparency framework and tell me what it means to you as a… (190-200 words)

8. Respond back to post (190-210 words) The article discussed Providing Evidence of Student Learning: A Transparency Framework, to support institutions in sharing evidence of student learning on and off campus. The framework is based on a review of institutional websites and identifies six key components of student learning assessment. Institutions may use the Framework to examine their institutional websites to gauge the extent to which evidence of student accomplishment is readily accessible and potentially useful and meaningful to the intended audience according to the article. Another great point discussed din the article, gathering evidence of academic accomplishments the knowledge, skills and competencies students gain as a result of their college experiences is a continuous process. The framework is not a checklist to be followed but rather a guide to suggest priorities and possibilities with an eye toward communicating meaningful information about student learning that will be useful to various audiences. Components of Student Learning Assessment, student learning outcomes statements, assessment plans, assessment resources, current assessment activities, evidence of student learning and use of student learning evidence are the six components use in the Transparency Framework in the institutional websites. Colleges can take simple steps to tell the public about how they measure student learning. That’s the message of a Transparency Framework that has just been unveiled by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment according to the article.

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