stress management final project easy

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Paper Overview:

The goal of this final project milestone paper is to help students maintain

understand time management and a reasonable timeline towards the final project. They must

attend one stress management stress prevention/management activity and detail how this activity

worked towards reducing their stress.


This paper must be between 250 and 400 words in length and written in Times

New Roman, size 12, and double-spaced.

Each student is required to attend and participate in one (1) stress prevention/management

activities (e.g. yoga, physical activity, deep breathing, meditation, money management etc); there

are multiple chances to attend different activities during the semester (classes at the SRSC, free

stress group meetings at the Wells Library, free counseling/time management, etc). For the final

project, students will need to attend a total of four (4) such activities, this first activity will help

students understand what will be required of them, and insure they are working to incorporate

stress reducing activities into their life throughout the semester.

This paper must be 250 to 400 words and include the following sections:

1) Describe what the activity they participated in and detail what occurred during the


2) Describe how each stress prevention/management activity they participated in works

to alleviate stress (this must be based upon the course book or information presented

during the semester). For example, think about how the activities work physiologically

to change things within our bodies and how this can help to alleviate acute and chronic


3) Lastly, explain the experience participating in the activity. This section is personal and

can include any thoughts concerning the activity, if this activity was helpful in the

context of your personal stress (i.e. if continual use of this activity would be beneficial,


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