Strategic Management Discussion and 4 Replies

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I need an original post probably 4-5 paragraphs. I will need that by tomorrow afternoon. I will also need 4 student responses too. I will be able to post the 4 student posts after I submit the original post. Please don’t write” the student’s post” or anything like that. Please include as many sources as possible from the provided sources below.

Learning Activity #1: Individual

Initial Response(s) due: Day four (4) of the online week (i.e. Thursday 12/12 on/before 11:59pm).

The ultimate goal of effective strategic management is to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage (David, 2013). Over the past 7 weeks we’ve spent time understanding the fundamentals of strategic management: formulation, implementation and evaluation. As you think over the learnings of the past 7 weeks and the goal of achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage you must also think about effective decision making, which is critical to an organizations success.

In your opinion, what is the single major benefit of using a strategic management approach to decision making? There is really no right or wrong answer, however, please support and justify your answer using APA formatted references.

Learning Activity #2: Individual

Aside from the linear strategy/ classical strategy which learned about in this class forward thinking companies in the 21st century’s VUCA global business environment are opting to pursue “relatively newer” strategies such as adaptive strategy, ambidextrous strategy, etc. How likely are you to embrace and recommend these relatively newer strategies to your organization?. Present substantive supporting argument(s).

Discussion #2


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