Strategic Intent and Business Models

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Strategic Intent and Business Models

In an effort to secure success, companies should ask introspective questions about their organizational aims and identity. To find answers, an effective approach is to use business models that are informed by strategic intent. When a company focuses on strategic intent it does not allow its current resources and assets alone to guide decisions. They instead lean heavily on their ambitions, creating long-term goals and rely on management to encourage employees toward the attainment of many short-term goals along the way.

In the article “Strategic Intent” found in this week’s Resources, the author states, “…strategic intent is more than simply unfettered ambition. The concept also encompasses an active management process that includes focusing the organization’s attention on the essence of winning, motivating people by communicating the value of the target, leaving room for individual and team contributions, sustaining enthusiasm by providing new operational definitions as circumstances change, and using intent consistently to guide resource allocations.” In this discussion, you will analyze the impact of strategic intent on organizational performance and evaluate its relationship with both business models and profit.

  • As you review your Resources this week, continue your research in the Walden University Library. Prepare to write your Discussion posting as you contemplate the following. (Note: You do not need to directly answer these points in your Discussion post, as they serve only to begin your thinking process; however, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.)
  • Using this week’s Resources, define strategic intent. How can this strategy be useful in creating an appropriate business model?
  • Select a company with which you are somewhat familiar and conduct further research on the company online at credible websites. You may choose to research a company where someone you know has worked, a company you aspire to work for, a company you may have heard mentioned, or even a company you hold in low esteem. (Note: You will be using this company throughout the course in a number of assignments. Be sure to take some time and familiarize yourself with the company’s products, services, and delivery methods along with any recent news pertaining to your chosen organization and its strategies, practices, and approaches to the business world.)

Using the principles outlined in the article “Strategic Intent” as well as information on your selected company’s website, try to identify the company’s narrative. Is it clear and reasonable? Do you think that, based on the information available, customers are somehow made aware of the narrative?

Answer the below questions in your response!

  • Consider the implications of creating and using a flawed business model. Would it be better to have no business model than to have a defective one? Reflect on ways companies can formulate better business models using knowledge of their own strategic intent. Select one of the questions found in the article “Before You Make That Big Decision” found in this week’s Resources and comment on how asking it could impact the decision-making process.
  • Identify the company you selected and, in two or three sentences, describe what you believe to be the company’s strategic intent based only on the information contained on its website. Explain how strategic intent influences organizational performance. Provide an example to support your reasoning.


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