statistical quality analysis 4

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The content of your report should use these subject headings:

1.Description: ( I got the data, I just need you to write it as description)

Give a complete description of your experiment in terms of the physical process and the data gathering process.Be sure to address topics such as the time the data was gathered, place, data gathering equipment used, problems in data gathering, assumptions made, etc. You will need a minimum of 25 subgroups and satisfy the minimum sample size necessary for your specific control chart.

2. Attribute data:

  • Create a fully-labeled table of the raw data.
  • Create a histogram of the raw data.
  • Using Minitab software, construct an appropriate attribute control chart.
  • Show sample calculations for the UCL and LCL. (Not important).

3.Analysis and Conclusion:

  • State whether or not the process is in control and justify your decision.
  • Explain any causes of variation and how they could be removed.
  • Explain what you would do differently if you conducted the experiment again.

The basic idea behind the project is for you to use the techniques learned in class to investigate a process, analyze the causes of variation, and make recommendations for improvement.Projects where you actually gathered the data yourself are generally the best and usually receive higher grades because you are in a better position to understand the process and explain the variation.

Please use the above subject headings to format your paper.Of course, content is important.However, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format will be considered as well. Use third person!

Make sure every thing is in “Minitab 18”.

Use simple English and not too many sentences.

It should be easy and will not take to much time.

The data was collected using a phone timer, a paper and a pen.

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