Stategy and Structure

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here is my first work. Term project-section one.docx Term_Project_1 (3).doc 

Three; Strategy and Structure:

The final task before setting up shop is to
determine the optimal international strategy and organizational structure that
will best support this international venture. The CEO of your organization has
asked you to write a report on your recommendations of the type of international
strategy and organizational structure they should adopt.

For this portion of the term project, you
will be focusing specifically on the concepts and discussions from Chapters 13
(Strategy) and 14 (Structure). Please also remember to research the actual
organization you have been using as a reference for this project. Look at their
current international presence (if they do not have an international presence,
look at their domestic presence), their organizational culture, their current
structure, and their supply and distribution channels.

are to use at least three additional
sources to complete this assignment.  PLEASE remember to cite all your
sources; proper citation of your sources is a requirement for this course. This
assignment is to be a minimum of 2 – 4 pages typed, font 12, double-spaced.

support all recommendations with sound reasoning and research.

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