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Read the below assignment and questions. Format your responses to the questions in the form of a written report to the Vice President of Transportation. Your report should be no more than two pages in total length.

Topics to Consider:

  1. Forecasting
  2. Yield Ratios
  3. Planning


Assignments must be uploaded to Blackboard by the end of the assigned week to be counted for credit. You may upload your assignments early if you would like. Late assignments will not be counted. The filename for your uploaded file should be formatted as such (Last Name, First Name – Assignment #. (for example: Charvat, Matthew-Assignment#4)

Assignment #2

You are a new Recruitment Manager that was recently hired at Badger Care, a transportation services company specializing in the transportation of disabled individuals. One of your first items was to track recruitment and hiring statistics over the last two-year period. In that period you found Badger Care had the following historical record:

Total Applicants

Meets Minimum Qualifications

Phone Interviewed

In Person Interviewed

Job Offers

Accepted Job

6 Month Survival








Just this morning you received a call from the Vice President of Transportation who needs to hire 20 new drivers by the end of the year to help support a new contract the company has recently won. If the drivers cannot be hired the company risks losing the contract and having to lay off employees. Use the information contained in the table above to answer the below questions. Format your responses to the questions in the form of a written report to the Vice President of Transportation.

  1. What number should you target for recruitment (i.e., how many applicants should they try to obtain)?
  2. How many phone interviews should you be prepared to hold?
  3. How many of those 20 drivers can you expect to remain drivers after 6 months?

For purposes of this assignment, you will need to use math and yield ratios to determine the answers to the questions above. Also of importance is the fact that you are targeting 20 drivers in the Accepted Job Category.

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