Speech analysis paper help (2 pages)

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applied concept presentation.docx 

Speech Communication in Business & the Professions


  To complete this
paper I am asking you to listen to a tape recording of your applied concept
presentation and to write an approximately 2
paper in which you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your
speech. I would like you to evaluate the strengths
and weaknesses of your speech using the categories listed below.  These categories coincide with those on the
applied concept presentation critique sheet. 
Make sure to illustrate your evaluations with specifics from the speech
itself.  For any weaknesses that you
identify, make recommendations as to how they might be corrected.

  1. Introduction
    (memorable/dynamic attention getter, clear & manageable thesis, clear
    preview, credibility established, thesis relevance established)

  2.   Conclusion
(effective summary/reinforcement of main ideas, thesis relevance 

reinforced, memorable/dynamic last comment)

3. Explanations
& Support Materials (clear explanations, dynamic/interesting 

  explanations, thorough/appropriate amount
of support, variety in support types, 

explanations/support well adapted to audience)

4. Organization
(manageable/appropriate number of main & subpoints, points

  clearly related to thesis and to each
other, effective use of connecting/transition  

  comments between points/subpoints)

5. Delivery
(effective vocal variety & dynamism, effective fluency, effective loudness
& speaking rate, good eye contact, effective gesturing, avoidance of
distracting mannerisms) 

6.  Overall Assessment (overall how effective
was the speech, how well adapted

  was it to the audience, how skillful was
the speaker)


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