Social Work /Discussion

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1) Identify a theory or model discussed in the readings, ) Attached to this question) briefly define it, and provide an example of how you would apply at least one strategy or technique of this theory or model to a specific social work problem.

2) Identify a strength and limitation of the approach in helping with this problem. Be as specific as possible in your application of the approach of the theory.

In your example, create a client issue or problem that you address and discuss how you would implement an application of the theory to assist the client.You may use other academic sources in addition to the textbook. Your response should provide a clear understanding of a theory and it’s application to a problem with accurate references to the textbook and other appropriate sources (if needed). Reflect on your understanding of this approach and what you think a strength and limitation might be if you were to apply it to solve a problem. Would it be effective? Might there be obstacles for some people in utilizing this approach? Does it require motivation? insight? social support? cognitive abilities or skills? Is it long term? short term? etc.

Attached in the preparation/reading section for this week, above, is one sample of a response to this question. It is not suggested as the only way or the best way to answer the question it is only provided as an example of one response. Provide a title or heading for your response.

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