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(a) Describe FIVE (5) areas of human development which may be useful in understanding the growth and development of children.

For eg: Physical and motor development, Social-Emotional development, Cognitive: learning and communications and language development.

(b) Indicate FOUR (4) family factors that may influence development across the child’s

Include debate or factors from both nature (genes/hereditary) as well as nurture.

(c) Gender differences may account from differing experiences and social expectations. Gender identity is linked to three related aspects: gender roles, gender-typing and gender stereotypes. Analyse issues relating to the home and social environment that may shape a child’s gender role, gender-typing and gender stereotypes with appropriate examples and consideration of cultural experiences and social expectations.

To talk about each 3 points separately.
Also include different culture practices; ie Asian & Western are collectivistic and individualistic culture, hence what are the norms in each culture pertaining to the question above?

(d) Use THREE (3) relevant theories and approaches to explain the differences between girls and boys.

One of them could be Pavlov and Watson (behavioural approach).

e) References

Do include

Thank you! <3

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