Social exchange theory

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This assignment is a combination of a literature review and practical application of social exchange theory as the foundation of this deliverable.

research your social exchange theory, provide a detailed explanation of the theory and theorist/theorists responsible for the theory, share several examples of research conducted based on the theory, and apply the theory to some real-world phenomenon you feel can be explained/better understood based on the theory. The paper should follow the following structure:

  1. Introductory paragraph that establishes the communication context addressed by theThe social exchange theory. For example – social exchange theory may reside within the context of interpersonal communication. If this is the case you should begin your paper with a general explanation of the communication context of interpersonal communication without discussing your the theory.
  2. Next comes theory explanation. What are the basic concepts/ideas included in the theory? Who is responsible for creating/documenting the theory? include information about the theory utility, scope, heurism, etc.
  3. Once you have completed the theory explanation the next component of the paper is the literature review. A literature review simply means you locate scholarly articles related to research based on the theory and summarize the work conducted by these research studies including their findings.
  4. The next, and perhaps most important portion of the assignment is the real-world application of the theory to a real-world phenomenon of your choosing. For example – Social Penetration Theory may apply the theory to long distance relationships or relationships formed and maintained online or relationships between students and teachers.
  5. The final portion of the paper is conclusion. In the conclusion briefly summarize the body of the assignment , explain the relative importance of the theory as a means of understanding the context of communication where the theory resides, point out limitations of the theory, and provide closure/something to think about for readers of the paper.

The assignment should be double spaced and approximately 6 pages in length. A minimum of three sources is required…four or five sources will likely be necessary to properly complete the assignment. Citations can be in MLA or APA format.

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