Second Draft

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Complete I (Second Draft):

Write the second draft of your research paper. Include in-text resources and a bibliography. Use the DROPBOX area to upload your second draft. Label your file “Second Draft” and make sure you include your name on the title as you upload it. Indicate in the COMPLETE section that you have put your second draft into the DROPBOX.

Complete II (Grammar):

A. Important: Refer to Chapters 33 and 34 in your textbook before you complete this assignment. Re-type the following sentences, correcting punctuation and capitalization:


please read the instructions


what was booker t washington famous for


martin luther king, Jr. wrote the speech “I have a dream”


he used to be president of the united states


watch out for that barking german shepherd


this july will be our first anniversary; we need to celebrate


don’t touch that hot stove lisa


st scholastica is a college in duluth Minnesota


have you taken the required biology class yet


as a sophomore, I got the gpa award for excellence

B. Refer to the Common Spelling Errors handout from the Course Materials Section. Re-type and insert the proper words into the following 10 sentences:

Insert the correct word or words from the following list into each sentence:
Your, You’re
To, Two, Too
They’re, There, Their


Bring __________ favorite DVD to the party.


__________ __________ young __________ see that movie.


__________ __________ late __________ place __________ orders.


__________ driving __________ fast.


__________ help is greatly appreciated.


__________ are __________ reasons for this car accident.


They spend __________ much time playing video games.


The professor wonders whether __________ planning to take the exam today.


__________ going to need to paint your house this summer.


After __________ graduation ceremony, the students went __________ Memphis.


Journal Entry:

Write down questions you have about your research paper. How do you think you can improve it?

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