school of thought

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The ____ of ____

the goal is to examine something through the lens of a “school of thought”

  • Pick a subject: Your subject should be something you are interested in, and that will lend itself to research.
  • Pick a framework: Your framework will determine your focus and what kind of sources you use.
  • Conduct research: As you are reading through your sources, be aware that your goal is to make an arguable claim about the subject.
  • Write a paper, with a thesis that makes an arguable claim, and paragraphs that support that claim using sources.


  • Minimum of six full pages with an additional works cited page at the end.
  • Double spaced, 1 inch margins, Size 12 TNR or Calibri font.
  • MLA Style formatting and citations
  • Must use at least 1 primary source and 3 secondary sources.
  • At least 2 secondary sources must be peer reviewed sources
  • Must have in-text citations to document all uses of your sources.

Possible Schools of thought





Rhetoric ***





Potential subjects

Any film or novel (The Matrix, The Hunger games)

Any historical event or trend (the holocaust, recession of 2008)

Any social phenomenon (social networking, the “alt right” movement)

Any social group (LGBT, Gangs, )

A fictional character (Batman, President Snow)


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