Scholarship essay, writing homework help (300 words)

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Can you help me write this essay please. 

Use the space below to write an essay acquainting the Foundation with your goals, and describing the community service or other activities that have influenced your life.

Make 300 words your target. Show us that you know the mechanics of writing:
In addition to telling us about yourself, you are also displaying your writing ability.

So, please do your best to:
Use paragraphs where appropriate.
Write in essay form. (this is NOT a letter)
Spell, punctuate, and use grammar correctly.
Be yourself and have fun!

General info about me: Kimberly A Jeter I live in Columbia, SC I am a single mother to one 4 year old son. Scholarship would really help me financially so I won’t have to pay so much money back in student loans. GPA right now is 2.86, really trying my best to raise that GPA. I work hard at a hospital helping patients and making sure billing is correct and in my church helping with the youth. I pursuing this degree to enhance my education and get a better paying job. My goals are to graduate with my bachelor’s degree and continue to pursue a master’s degree in healthcare management. Getting a good education is very important to me because I have a son to support on my own. I also help out at my son’s daycare with bringing snacks and helping out with other supplies that are needed. I can’t help all the time but I try my best to help when I can. My annual income is only about $28,495 yearly.  This scholarship would greatly help me to reduce the cost of my tuition while pursuing my path to success.

Let me know if you need anymore info from me. Thanks

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