Scholarly Writing Proofing Worksheet

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Editing Assignment Instructions

  1. Submit the Local Issues Editing Worksheet. Using the Local Issues Editing Worksheet provided in the resources, review your draft. This worksheet will help you orient yourself to the 20 common errors most learners make when writing in the academic field. Please make sure that you work through each of the worksheet areas so that your draft is solid and complete.
  2. Submit an edited draft of your text.

You will need to submit both the worksheet and the draft to receive full credit.

  • Identify the grammar or punctuation error patterns you can find in your writing.
  • Identify the APA editorial style errors you tend to make.
  • Arrange the correction of your error patterns into a formal revision plan.
  • Identify the resources (with page and section numbers) where you located options for correcting your error patterns.
  • Describe the choices that you selected for editing your paper.
  • Submit a completed Local Issues Editing Worksheet.
  • Submit an edited draft of your project.

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