Scholar-Practitioner Project

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This Assignment should be written as a 3- to 5 page scholarly paper excluding the title page and references (do not just provide an outline). You are expected to follow APA form and style, including the correct use of in-text citations and references.

The following is an example of a content outline for this paper. While you are not required to follow this outline exactly, all of the following content should be included in some way in the scholarly paper:

  • Introduction
    • One paragraph briefly restating the purpose and focus of the study
  • Information biases
    • Describe the potential information biases in your study
    • Discuss how information bias will be handled or minimized in the study
  • Research questions and hypotheses
    • Restate the study’s research questions along with their associated hypotheses
  • Statistical analysis plans
    • Describe data cleaning and screening procedures for the initial dataset
    • Discuss your plans for initial descriptive analyses and any other preliminary statistics that may be appropriate (e.g., bivariate analyses to assess potential confounders, collinearity analyses)
  • For each research question/hypothesis:
    • Identify the statistical test that will be used to test the association
    • Describe which variables will be included in the analysis and why
    • Identify the measures of association, parameter estimates, or other results, and describe how they will be interpreted
    • Include a discussion of additional procedures as appropriate (e.g., Bonferroni corrections, goodness-of-fit tests, tests for interaction)
  • References

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