run a financial model and make decisions of a business selling specific products, homework help

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Hello need this assignment completed before Thursday, any help would be great. hoping to pay $25, wont let me upload the Access database so i can email that after. I will upload the Excel template that was provided by the instructor. T he instructions are located in the files i have attatched .

Objective of this assignment is to provide the students the opportunity to develop analytic and problem solving skills, and learn business decision making by using data and information, and Microsoft Excel.

For this assignment, you (the student) use Microsoft Excel to run a financial model and make decisions of a business selling specific products. You are expected to utilize Excel formulas and charts to analysis the financial data and determine how much you should investment in this business in order to make it profitable. You utilize Excel to create and capture data, formulate the data into information, utilize the information to analyze scenarios, and draw business conclusions.

Your final Microsoft Excel workbook (spreadsheet) must include tabs named as follows along with multiple charts and graphs:

  1. Set up
  2. Sales
  3. Staff
  4. Accounting

Additional instructions will be in the ‘template’ spreadsheet for this assignment.

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