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Double spacing

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4 pages

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4 sources

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attached a file with all the requirements for this essay. Essentially
the essay should be about a commercial/ advertisement. I chose the bud
light commercial called “special delivery”. You just need to follow the
requirements on the attachment and reflect on it how ads affect us and
society, what is this commercial doing, what makes it appealing to the
people. it is very important for the sources to be scholarly and one
sourced from the book “signs of life in the USA “by maasik and Solomon.

also just wanted to claify one last time i would like 4
sources. 2 from academic journals and 1 from the book of “signs of life
in the USA” and the last one either one of those 2.

The essay is based on a bud light commercial called bud
light special delivery there are no robots in the commercial as the
previos writer mentioned. i had uploaded a sheet with specific
instuctions when i plsced the order

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