Revision Policy

At, we strive to deliver high-quality work that meets your expectations. We understand that revisions may sometimes be necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction. This Revision Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for requesting revisions to the work delivered by our writers. Please read this policy carefully.

1. Eligibility for Revisions

1.1 Initial Requirements:
Revisions are only applicable if the delivered work does not meet the initial requirements provided by you at the time of placing the order. Any changes or modifications to the initial requirements may require additional charges or fall under the scope of a new order.

1.2 New Instructions:
If you provide additional instructions or requirements after the work has been delivered, it may be considered as a new order or subject to additional charges. Revisions will be considered based on the original instructions and requirements.

2. Requesting Revisions

2.1 Revision Request Procedure:
To request a revision, you must contact our customer support team within [insert number of days] of receiving the completed work. You can reach us via email or through the contact information provided on our website. Please provide your order details, including the order number, and a clear explanation of the revisions required.

2.2 Specific Revision Instructions:
When requesting revisions, please provide specific instructions to guide our writers in making the necessary changes. Clear and detailed instructions will help ensure that the revisions align with your expectations.

3. Revision Process

3.1 Revision Timeframe:
The timeframe for revisions will depend on the complexity of the revisions requested. We aim to complete minor revisions within [insert number of days], while more extensive revisions may require additional time. Our customer support team will provide you with an estimated timeframe for the completion of the revisions.

3.2 Writer Assignment:
Once a revision request is received, our quality assurance team will review the request and assign it to the original writer or another qualified writer with expertise in the subject area. The assigned writer will make the necessary revisions based on your instructions.

3.3 Multiple Revision Requests:
In case multiple revision requests are made, we reserve the right to evaluate the validity and reasonableness of the requests. Excessive revision requests that deviate from the original instructions may be subject to additional charges or refusal of further revisions.

4. Scope of Revisions

4.1 Compliance with Initial Requirements:
Revisions will be made to ensure that the work aligns with the initial requirements provided by you. The revisions will address any shortcomings or deviations from the original instructions.

4.2 Limited Revisions:
While we strive to meet your expectations, please note that revisions are subject to the limitations of the original instructions and the work’s scope. Requests for extensive changes or new/additional content that goes beyond the original instructions may be considered outside the scope of revisions and may require additional charges or a new order.

5. Communication and Feedback

5.1 Communication with Writer:
During the revision process, you may communicate with the assigned writer through our customer support team. This allows you to provide further clarification or answer any questions the writer may have regarding the revision instructions.

5.2 Feedback and Approval:
Once the revisions are completed, you are encouraged to review the revised work and provide feedback. If the revisions meet your satisfaction, please notify our customer support team of your approval.

6. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with a revision request, please contact our customer support team using the contact information provided on our website.

Please note that this Revision Policy is subject to change without prior notice. The version of the policy in effect at the time of your revision request will be applicable.

Last Updated: July 13, 2023

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