Review the research journal article and answer the questions

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Chaudhary, R., Bliden, K. P., Garg, J., Mohammed, N., Tantry, U., Mathew, D., … & Gurbel, P. (2016). Statin therapy and inflammation in patients with diabetes treated with high dose aspirin. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications,30(7), 1365-1370.


Please copy the questions into word and type under each of them.

1. what is the Theoretical/Conceptual
Framework of the study?

2.what is the research question/problem?

3.what is the methodology used?

4. What is the Data Collection Methods and Procedures?

5.what is the Data Analysis and results
(make sure to describe data analysis process)

6.what is the Interpretation of Findings and Conclusions of study?

7.Strengths and Weakness of Studies

for practice and Future Research

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