Resume discussion

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Answer question 1 and 2 in 10-12 sentences (2 citing within 5 years). Also reply to 2 peers Corrine Perez and Emily Ramos(3-4 sentences each.

1. What does your resume say about you?

2.How important are professional organizations to you?

Corrine Perez

Module 4 Attachment


What does your resume say about you?

My resume is an impression of my professional experiences that I have developed as a nurse. This is my opportunity to arouse the interest of a potential employer and secure an interview. I try to keep my resume up-to-date so that if a position I want to apply for comes available I only have to tweak my resume and I do this by incorporating “buzz words”. I embed specific keywords found in the posted position and place them in my resume so the tracking system will pick them up and submit my resume to the recruiter. Your resume should clearly state how your career goals integrate with the position and you have the qualifications for the posted position (Jilk et al., 2017).

How important are professional organizations to you?

I believe it is important to be part of an organization. I belong to ENA and it has given me a lot in return with seminars, free CEs, mentoring, scholarships, networking, and having your voice heard in front of Legislation…just name a few of the benefits. Each organization enhances the performance of nursing and the nurse’s individual contributions to health care (Schroeder, 2013) As nurse we need other nurses for support and what better support to have then an organization to help and hold you accountable.

Emily Ramos

What does your resume say about you?

My resume will reflect over eleven years of nursing experience; I have worked in various areas within the profession, from Step Down

ICU, Emergency and the Cardiodiagnostic areas to name a few. Most of my background in nursing is mostly related to cardiac nursing, particularly

post CABG and angioplasty care; somehow I have gravitated to that specialty throughout my career. Presently, I am a Clinical Nursing Supervisor

within a Progressive Care Unit in an acute care facility in southern California. About a year ago, I finally decided to take a step in a nursing

leadership role. I felt the company I presently work for advocates for advancement and growth of its employees and I seized the opportunity. I take

pride in creating a cohesive, positive and teamwork approach in my practice. I value education and take advantage of learning and growing within

my profession. Nurses require certain skills for progression in their field (Sheikhi, Fallahi-Khoshab, Mohammad, & Oskouie, 2016). I have several

nursing certifications as well; I am also a member of the American Nurses Association.

How important are professional organizations to you?

Nonprofit professional membership organizations (NPMOs) are valuable resources for many healthcare disciplines (Whitney & Gales, 2015). I

believe professional nursing organizations are an integral part of the nursing profession. Belonging to a nursing organization demonstrates the

unity, collaboration and representation of the nursing profession collectively. Being a part of an organization also keeps nurses informed with health

care innovation and evidenced based practices; it also provides a voice for nurses to advocate for their patients as well as their nursing practice. I

truly value being a part of the American Nurses Association and keep myself informed with the latest information in the field of


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