Response to the synergistic effect and how do it work?

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Response for the following needed. Responses must be at least 10 sentences and 2 paragraphs.

What is the synergistic effect and how does it work?

Our text defines synergistic effect as the interaction of two or more individuals such that their combined efforts are greater than the sum of their individual efforts. That brings to mind the acronym for TEAM, which is Together Everyone Achieves More. It is the essence of what teamwork is designed to do. The typical sports commentator spends a lot of type touting the efforts of the “star” of a team, but that star cannot win an entire game solely on his/her efforts alone. Also, without the talents of that star, the team may not experience as many victories. It takes everyone working together for a common goal to become the team that clinches the championship.

In the workplace, the work team is assembled to solve a problem, complete a task, or assemble a product. The efficiency and effectiveness of that team depends on the efforts of each member. If every member contributes equally at 100% of effort, the assigned task would be completed in the shortest possible time. Any company would relish a team that is “firing on all cylinders.” Unfortunately, every team will have at least one slacker, whose work will have to be covered by someone else on the team.

Probably, the best example of the synergistic effect could be an orchestra. Each member is responsible for their individual parts of an entire production. If one person is not performing at the same level as everyone else, the disharmony will be noticed by every listener. It is up to the conductor to lead the orchestra and when everyone performs in harmony and synergistically, some of the most beautiful music can be enjoyed by all.

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