Response to peers

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I need response to two peers in my discussion board, I only need one paragraph for each one.

Post of Norys Fleites

I strongly agree with this video. I think that teachers play a very beautiful role in the life of each student. Being a teacher in a classroom with about 25 or 30 students of different learning coefficients, different characteristics should not be easy. Rita Pierson says in the video that all classrooms have students who are naughty, but teachers are the best actresses because they have to love all students equally. That is why every child needs a teacher who transmits positive, trusts, respect, education and at the same time much confidence. In this video she said something that I loved, she said that children do not like to learn from people they hate and it is very true. I think teachers should treat each of their students for what they can do in the future. All children should feel identified with their teacher and motivation to go to class.

Post of Anailis Lima Perez

I was not expecting to find such video here, but the time worthies the occasion. The video shows the trends that are linking the architecture with the human and the environment as a new philosophy. The idea is to give significance to the architecture and the principles of equilibrium, farther than the housing choice (as a shelter and roof), but to establishing a new setting to harmony. For example, when an emphasis in natural forms and elements such as trees, interwoven wooden beams, and circles, the spaces seems to attract the child imagination and to improve the learning process, but definitely, the build of strong ties between the human spirit and the nature are the main objective of the project. Also, another idea is to accomplish the creator´s philosophy that pursue to not control the child´s behavior, and instead to release the imagination while enhance the nurture relationship among peers, the environment, and the learning.

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