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Throughout nursing history, there are several people that need to be thanked and recognized for their statistical data that either shaped or changed the way of nursing. One major role player was Mr. Edwin Chadwick. Mr. Chadwick was known for his want to study the poor and their living conditions and how that directly played a role in their health and death. According to Artman, “Chadwick’s writings led to the Public Health Act of 1848 in which the government began to acknowledge some responsibility for upholding the health of the population” (para 5, 2019). Mr. Chadwick’s information was not only helpful for nursing, but also the general population.

I believe that statistics are vital to the practice of nursing. I want to use a personal experience when it comes to statistics. At my job, I take care of patients who are having an acute stroke. We bring the patients to the neurovascular suite to retrieve the clot as quickly as possible. The neurovascular team has times that we must abide by to make sure the patient gets treated quickly to hurry and to have reperfusion to the brain. The times that we use are completely based off of studies and statistical data based on patients who were treated within a timely manner versus patients who came to the emergency department at a later time, and many other factors.


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